What is dondelotiro.com?

Dondelotiro.com is a free educational and informative platform designed to answer any questions or doubts we may have related to waste management.

It makes waste management easier, resulting in money and time savings for the responsible citizen we all want to be. With everyone's help, its goal is to improve the environment and our quality of life.

It offers information and knowledge to createsmarter, more efficient and sustainable cities (Smart Cities) that generate better results at a lesser cost.

Dondelotiro.com is not only a project,it's a group of people's passion invested on improving responsible citizens' quality of life: those that make a daily effort to correctly manage waste.

What is dondelotiro.com?

It's not a waste management company, but it does help you manage waste correctly.

It's not a tool created by public administration, but it does have its support and that of other institutions that work with waste management.

It's not an advertising channel for public administration or management, but it does aim at being an awareness tool for proper waste management and to reduce costs and time for citizens and administrations .

About us

Dondelotiro.com was designed by Lmental, an environmental consultancy cooperative (www.lmental.org).

Dondelotiro.com is made up of a multidisciplinary team whose work, dedication and efforts are aimed at protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of citizens.

It is also made up of all the social agents involved in waste management that are giving their support and making dondelotiro.com possible:

  • responsible members and workers of the member institutions,
  • committed entities and citizens concerned with the environment, who sponsor and make contributions to this initiative,
  • entities who decide to advertise on this platform, conscious of the importance given by society to environmental issues, and of course,
  • responsible citizens, users of this platform, that are aware of the fact that a more sustainable world is a better world.